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Nowadays, how to break through the traditional marketing mode and create and set up the innovative brand concept has become one of the strategic goals of the emerging enterprises in various industries. Technological innovation, supplemented by brand and marketing concept innovation, will inject new vitality to the enterprise, how to make brand marketing from the traditional simple media advertising to event marketing, become the focus of attention and hot.
Grow through competition
With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic and foreign markets, xinlu people are very clear, do not advance or retreat, in order to have a foothold in the industry with a certain market size, we will compete as a driving force, we meet the challenges with an optimistic attitude.
First of all, we have a clear understanding of our own enterprise's positioning and cognition in the industry. No matter in the process of technological innovation or brand marketing, we know our strengths and weaknesses. In a survival of the fittest environment, can survive in this battlefield without smoke, is relying on wisdom, is innovative marketing, competition can promote industrial innovation, new products to meet market demand.
At the same time, we also understand that brand marketing needs more rational thinking and forward-looking vision.
Brand new positioning - leading technology, global economy
We keep asking ourselves: how on earth can we promote and build our professional brand image?
In 2010, new road launched a new brand slogan: innovative thinking, only for better, under the new brand positioning, committed to through technological innovation and product form innovation, to provide users with energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, high quality products and services.
On their own practice of "innovative thinking" at the same time, we also in the enterprise citizen posture, sincerely invite enterprise users in the increasingly competitive can the present strategy of innovation thinking, innovation thinking enterprise management solutions, innovative thinking of development planning, and forward-looking perspective with new posture to meet the high speed development of the enterprise, easily cope with challenges in progress.
"Innovative thinking, only for better" is not a slogan, it represents the company's in-depth understanding of various businesses, customer needs, technology trends, etc., symbolizing the start of a new strategic layout of the new road. Under the guidance of this new development concept, xinlu looks forward to the future together with more large, medium and small enterprises and groups.
Down-to-earth practice of innovative ideas in terms of products and technology
Focus on marketing planning to inject vitality into brand marketing
The aim of marketing is to create a better benefit, marketing is facing the market, no market, marketing was impossible, there's not a good marketing strategy and means, also won't create a better market, there will be no more good performance, over the years we have been working attaches great importance to marketing planning, through marketing indicate the direction and goals to the company marketing team.
I. social hot spots choose "famous places" by virtue of "famous people" and "famous things"
Ii. Research on policy focus
Iii. Analysis of industry characteristics
Whether it is the traditional marketing model, or the marketing concept of modern enterprises, we all hope to better convey the product connotation through a relatively specific image concept. The correctness of marketing method selection enables the product and technical advantages to be conveyed to customers more directly, visually and concretely in the first time, and finally realizes the ultimate appeal for customers to truly benefit from the product experience.
Establish a strong brand advantages, maintain a strong core competitiveness is the enterprise bigger and stronger the necessary elements, through the innovative brand marketing, in a shorter time to attract more users, let enterprises through distinct, personality, positive brand become a backbone for the industry market, and is what we want to do, and we are doing.

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