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In the process of development, new road pays special attention to the introduction of talents and intellectual investment, constantly enhances the ability of technology absorption and self-development, brings together a large number of excellent professional and technical personnel and management team, and has the ability of product research and development design, trial production, testing and information feedback. Spend a lot of money to plan the company's training center, invite technical experts to the factory for guidance and training, hire well-known enterprise consultants for enterprise process management and reorganization, set up an enterprise management committee, and implement standardized planning mode management, so that the company's personnel training rate can reach 100%, the qualified rate of personnel training can reach 95%, and achieve the SOP management mode in an all-round way.
Market competition is essentially the competition of talents, and the success of the new road lies in talents. The cooperation between talents is just like the intersection and progress of gears, which is the infinite force of enterprise development.

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Address: NO. 12 Xinsi Road, Hengjing, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
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