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Injection mold polishing should pay attention to matters

Injection mold polishing has two purposes; One is to increase the smoothness of the mold, so that the mold out of the product surface smooth, beautiful, beautiful, the other is that the mold can be very easy to mold, so that the plastic is not glued to the mold and off.
Notes for injection mold polishing are as follows:
(1) when a new mold cavity began processing, should first check the workpiece surface, clean the surface with kerosene, so that the oilstone surface will not stick to dirt lead to the loss of cutting function.
(2) when grinding rough grain, it should be carried out in the order of difficulty first and then easy, especially some difficult dead corners, deep bottom should be grinded first.
(3) part of the workpiece may have more than one group together grinding light, to grind a single workpiece of rough or fire pattern, after all the workpieces together to smooth.
(4) for the workpiece with large plane or side plane, use the whetstone to remove the coarse grain and then use the flat steel sheet for light transmission detection to check whether there is any unevenness or bad situation of reverse buckle, if there is reverse buckle, it will lead to the workpiece demolding difficulty or the workpiece pulling.
(5) in order to prevent the mold workpiece developed upside down or there are some bonding surface to protect the situation, can be used to paste a saw blade or sand paper stuck on the edge, so as to get the ideal protection effect.
(6) research mold before and after the plane with a pull, drag the handle of the sharpening stone flat as far as possible, do not exceed 25 °; Because the slope is too large, the force from the top down, easy to lead to a lot of coarse grain on the workpiece.
(7) if the surface of the workpiece is polished with copper or bamboo pieces pressed on the sandpaper, the sandpaper should not be larger than the tool area, or it will grind to the place where it should not be polished.
(8) the shape of the grinding tool should be close to the surface shape of the mold, so as to ensure that the workpiece is not ground deformation.
If the above points are made, the injection mold will have a nice polished appearance.

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