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How to solve the cold spot in plastic injection molding?

Cold material spot near the gate is mainly refers to product with color or a light mist markings or starting from the gate as if earthworms in the curved scar above, they are made up of plastic into the cavity striker or because of excessive pressure and then packed into cavity resulted from cold, striker because shoot tip or material flow cooling effect to heat transfer, before entering the cavity parts by cooling solidification, when expansion through the narrow gate injection mold cavity, the formation of the melt fracture, then by later hot melt material push, then became a cold spot.
The solution to the cold spot in plastic injection processing:
Cold stock well should be set up well. Also consider the form, size and location of the gate, to prevent material cooling rate disparity. The nozzle centrality should be adjusted, and the matching size between the nozzle and the mold material should be designed to prevent leakage of materials or cold materials being brought into the mold cavity.
Mold exhaust is good. The interference of the gas will stain the gate turbidity. Raise the mold temperature. Slow down the injection speed, increase the injection pressure, reduce the pressure and injection time, reduce the pressure. Dry the plastic. Use less lubricant to prevent the powder from being contaminated.
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