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Why choose high speed cutting for injection mold processing?

In the injection mold processing production, many injection mold factories will use high speed cutting technology, so the use of high speed cutting for injection mold processing what are the benefits?
The tool and workpiece can maintain high temperatures during high speed cutting, which extends the tool life in many conditions. On the other hand, in the use of high-speed cutting, the amount of cutting is shallow, cutting edge cutting time is particularly short. That is to say, specific heat is transmitted quickly.
Low cutting force means small and divergent tool bending. This, combined with the constant machining allowance required for each tool and process, is one of the prerequisites for efficient and safe machining.
Because the typical cutting depth in high speed machining is shallow, the radial force on the cutter and spindle is low. This increases wear on spindle bearings, guide rails, and ball screws. High speed cutting and axial milling is also a good combination, it has a small impact on the spindle bearing, using this method can be used with long overhanging tool and vibration risk is not large.
High-productivity cutting of small size parts, such as roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing, is economical when the overall material removal rate is relatively low.
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