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How to improve the quality of injection mold in the process

Injection mould manufacturing is a very complicated process, from the initial design, processing, assembling and debugging steps, in the end really be put into use, in the whole life cycle of every working procedure must consider the impact of the quality of injection mold, every detail is to reach the designated position, so as to improve the final quality of the injection mould.
1, casting material selection, material quality directly affects the quality of the injection mold, the choice of good performance, good heat resistance of the material is very important, so that the production of products is the best.
2, the design of injection mold to be scientific and reasonable, for technical researchers, to design things in line with the current market demand of the product, we must design reasonable, the use of the most standard mold structure, the advantages and disadvantages of the mold parts, mold structure can be used, technology can process the specification of the implementation.
3, perfect quenching process, for the injection mold, quenching process is indispensable, quenching steps to the correct operation, if there is a step wrong operation, will cause the production of mold quality problems, leading to the injection mold can not be used or shorten the service life.
4, mold assembly: injection mold assembly is like assembly machine, every component, every screw can not make mistakes, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious, light will lead to product defects, affect production, heavy damage to the mold, resulting in scrap. So the assembly of the work must be very careful. In the assembly process, pay attention to the cleaning of the mold, especially the waterways, screw holes, must blow clean the iron chip inside.
5. Mold maintenance: mold maintenance is mainly about the maintenance in the production process. After each use of the mold to carry out a comprehensive maintenance, especially the molding part of the rust, the main parts of the rust action. Because the mold in the production process to receive water, may be in the installation or disassembly process sleep on the mold, so must ensure that the mold dry, and then brush a layer of oil protection.

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