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  Facing the rapid development trend of economic globalization and the arrival of the era of global super competition, only the strong can achieve success and prosperity. Xinlu plastic industry firmly grasps the development strategy of the enterprise, sticks to the one-industry-oriented and diversified development, and strives to build an internationally advanced diversified product manufacturing base. As an international enterprise, xinlu plastic industry is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility, creating a solid corporate culture of harmony, actively carrying out energy-saving and clean production, vigorously advocating the concept of harmonious development of the earth's human society, and taking measures to assist the earth's environmental protection, making contributions to the world society. Pledge to be a responsible global corporate citizen.

  The global economy has entered a customer-oriented era. In the future competition, we will deal with international competition rules and business standards. Based on vision, sound business ideas, mining benign space management, relying on the research and development and technological innovation capability, with the quality of excellence and comprehensive human resources, adhering to the "famous brand in the world, the healthcare industry" the enterprise idea, further arouse the passion of team and organization's vitality, give full play to our ability to innovate, constantly transcend self, to create a vigorous development of the source of power, to rapidly improve its overall competitiveness.

  I firmly believe that on the basis of "equality, cooperation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit", we all new suye person will work with full enthusiasm, creative thinking and practical work, the wind and the broad masses of customers and friends from all walks of life to catch all kinds of opportunities, meet new challenges, forge ahead, common development, at the world economic stage to achieve a common goal.

  "Xiongguan road really like iron, now take a step from the beginning more", the pace of history is always moving forward, the development of new road plastic industry resolutely advance with The Times!

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Address: NO. 12 Xinsi Road, Hengjing, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
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